Child Education Planning


We are all working hard toward a better future for the next generation. How to invest effectively for your children will determine the quality of your life at a later stage. We will help you maximize your government's benefits while deploy all your resources to prepare for the children’s limitless future. The earlier you plan for them the brighter their future will be. By having a well-developed plan you will bring both you and your children the following benefit:


- Understand what you can have from the government subsidiary and support.

- Understand your desired education budget and the means to achieve it.

- Increased overall portfolio rate of return.

- Less tax paid.

- Peace of mind that you and your children are fully protected under all scenarios.

To see how we do it step by step, please see Our Process​.

What is Child Education Planning?


Child education planning is the process of determining the education budget and the actions and decisions necessary to achieve those goals. You need to consider the following factors:








Government Benefit Projection:

This is to help you understand and project benefit receivables such as Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG), Child Benefit, Canadian Learning Bond,  ​and any other possible benefits based on your income and conditions of your children.

Investment Optimization:

This is to maximize your rate of return based on tuition, lifestyle expenses needed for your children, time horizon, and other aspects. A well-designed portfolio of investments (Equity, Fixed-income, Real Estate, and other Alternative Investment) is the best way to make it happen. According to the statistics, the earlier you plan the better results you will get.

Tax Minimization:

This is to minimize your tax by examining the current holding of your portfolio and allocate them into tax-sheltered investment vehicles such as Registered Education Savings Plan(RESP), and Tax-free Savings Account (TFSA) accordingly. Additionally, other possible tax deduction strategies may be identified in this section depending on your financial status and may involve professional accountants to achieve it.  

Risk Management:

A well-rounded protection plan lets you rest assured that your child's education plan will be carried out no matter what. It consists of a combination of 4 products: Disability, Critical Illness, Life, and Travel Insurance.